Finding The Best Microgaming Casinos Online

The best casinos come in many different flavors, but the one unifying factor that they all have in common is their partnership with Microgaming, a software company based out of the Isle of Man.

If you have never played at an online casino, you may not know much about Microgaming. However, if you are interested in learning more, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to Microgaming and the best Microgaming casinos around. 

First, a short history of the company will be presented, as well as a clarification on the features in the games and casinos of Microgaming. A few specific casino websites will also be highlighted as examples of what can be expected at Microgaming casinos.

By the conclusion, you will feel confident about searching for, choosing, and playing at a fantastic Microgaming casino.

Microgaming: A Brief History

Microgaming has been a leading force in the online casino industry for over twenty years, so it is no wonder that the best online casinos that you can find online happen to be Microgaming casinos. 

The company was started in the early 1990’s, and in 1994, it released the first complete online casino. This ultimately launched what would later become one of the world’s most successful Internet industries.

As its reputation for outstanding online casino games grew, Microgaming began to partner with more and more online casino companies. This included some of the most esteemed online casino alliances, including the Palace Group and the Fortune Lounge Group (more on those groups will be explained later).

In the past few years, Microgaming has begun to expand its range of services. The company launched Quickfire Games in 2010, which brings games to even more platforms. 

Microgaming is also looking towards to future. It has always been ahead of the game, and its current business ventures follow in this same trend. Early in 2016, it began to release Virtual Reality games. These games utilize the Oculus Rift platform and technology, and they are also casino-related (VR Roulette is a favorite!).

What To Expect At A Microgaming Casino

Every online casino is unique. All casinos have individual themes, site designs, and promotional offers. That being said, there are commonalities across Microgaming casinos. This consistency is what ensures that the casinos are kept at the same top caliber of game quality.

If a casino uses Microgaming software, then it tends to have a standard game selection of up to (and possibly over!) six hundred games. This massive repertoire includes online slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and more.

The games have the ability to be played right through the casino website, with the Instant Play option, or they can be accessed by downloading the free casino software. For some casinos, the full range of games cannot be accessed without the casino software.

A Microgaming Network Bonus: Progressive Slots

Microgaming also offers progressive online slots, which are one of the most sought-after types of online casino games. Progressive slot machines are online slots that do not have a set jackpot. The jackpot usually begins at a specified amount, and then every single time someone plays, the jackpot increases.

Something that is special about the Microgaming casino network is that the progressive slots across all of the casinos are linked.  This ensures that the jackpots rise rapidly, and that there are regular winners. 

The most famous of the progressive jackpot games is Mega Moolah, which set a record in 2009 for largest online casino payout at $6.4 million. It then broke that record and set a new one in 2015 with a £13 million win. 

Giants Of The Casino Industry: Where To Play

The partnerships between Microgaming and certain casino alliances has cemented the importance of both the software developers and the distributing casino companies in the industry. The two groups with the highest-caliber casinos and strongest connections to Microgaming are the Fortune Lounge and the Palace casino groups.

The Fortune Lounge Group consists of eight well-respected online casinos that have all individually had great success. These casinos include Royal Vegas, Euro Palace, 7 Sultans, Casino LaVida, Vegas Palms, Red Flush, Platinum Play, and Dizzy Win.

Not all casinos are made alike: some of these have slight differences in their managing operations, and they all have drastically different themes. Some of the online casinos may even specialize in certain types of games. 

Until you play the games at each one for a while, it can be difficult to figure out which online casino you like the most. That is why third-party websites (like this one!) provide meaningful, truthful online reviews that can aid you in your decision-making. 

The Palace Group is another online casino group that has brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to form a marketing alliance that packs a punch. The online casinos in the Palace Group are Lucky Nugget, Gaming Club, Ruby Fortune, JackpotCity, Spin Palace, Mummy’s Gold, River Bell, and the elusive Cabaret Club.

Finally, although there are some online casinos are not part of either of the two groups mentioned above, they still get an honorable mention in the list of the best Microgaming casinos due to their commitment to online gamblers’ safety, security, and fun. These casinos are All Slots, All Jackpots, and Wild Jack.

Similarities And Differences In Microgaming Casinos

Across all of these casinos, the first similarity that you will notice is the selection of games. However, while some may seem familiar, we are sure that with hundreds of amazing games to choose from, you will enjoy playing different Microgaming games at different online casinos.

These online casinos will also feature different games and associated promotions at different times of the year. That means you can enjoy free spins at one game in a certain Microgaming casino, and then switch to another one that has a different promotional offer. 

All of the casinos listed above are fantastic places to enjoy Microgaming online casino games. Check them out, pick your favorite, and start playing amazing games today!